Hourly Weather Presentation

Will there be options for the manner in which hourly weather is presented on its own tab? With Weather Watcher (not Live), the presentation was in a table format, which was easy to scan. In Live, the data is presented in chunks, making it harder to find items. I also find it curious that the chance of precipitation is displayed in values like 62%, which may remain over several hours and then suddenly drop to something like 27%.

I haven’t thought about this, but it would be a nice option for the Splendid skin. I’ll add it to my Weather Watcher Live to-do list.

As Weather Watcher Live evolves some more, I’m sure we’ll see some Weather Watcher Live finatics start to create some new skins.

I noticed the same thing – probably because I’m used to looking at weather.com’s data. I’ll check with WeatherBug and see if they know why the precipitation data displays in chunks.

Here is what WeatherBug had to say about the hourly precipitation data chunks:

This is because the data that we get from the NDFD is every 3 hours. For chance of precip, we carry it forward until we get a new data point.

To sum it up, the precipitation data only changes every 3 hours.

Interesting. OK, thanks for the follow-up!

Weather underground would be a good source to use for data.


I was very impressed with all the options they have, especially the maps that show the doppler in local areas on maps that have the cities and roads marked so you can see what is happening where, and how close your city is to the active storms in the area.

Weather Underground also has options that give a ton more information, see my post in Weather Watcher suggestions for links to examples.

Last time I tried Weather Watcher Live, I gave up on it because it didn’t have any weather stations to select from, that were anywhere reasonably close to my residence. The maps offered for Weather Watcher too, are limited to only two for my state, and I would love to be able to have Weather Watcher use the data from Weather Underground, especially local maps with cities and roads indicated, in WW map window or desktop wallpaper

Both Weather Watcher and WWL have the ability to import whatever maps you want…including those from wunderground.

Check out the following link:

I second the preference for the table format, for the hourly weather. It makes it easier to scan trends throughout the day, to, say, tell when the wind is going to be increasing dramatically, so you’re not attempting to set up a tent at that time. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: