Hourly Forecast for UK

It now works for me, all i did was delete the station then re add it and it has appeared. I can slide it left and right also, is this right or is it a bug that it wont change back after i added a US station.

I’m lost – is this in reference to another thread?

Nope, basically i added a US station then i deleted it. I then added a UK station and it now shows hourly forecast and it even works when i hover over the tray icon, it shows everything it should.

Are you using version

No I am using version
Later i will print screen to show you.

Right here is that screenshot, i know the hourly forecast looks wrong becuase it says thunderstorms but it is right, they have been forecast.

http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj51 … 1992/1.jpg

The hourly data was not displaying correctly for weather stations outside of the US – it was actually displaying data from US locations. In version, the hourly data has been removed. It will be re-added after WeatherBug adds that data to their weather data feed. I don’t expect that to happen until at least this Fall.