Hourly display is a different day/time

At the moment, when I click the ‘daily’ display, at the top is the forecast for today - Thursday. When I click hourly - at the top is ‘Sun - 9 AM’. Clicking Update on either display makes no difference.

Its not always Sunday on the hourly - but always the wrong day. Also, at this time, the Daily says Sunday will be sunny and clear with a high of 76 - the hourly shows showers all day.

If I change active city from Byron MN to Pequot Lakes MN, its still Sunday on the hourly, and the forecasts still do not match.

It’s been happening on this PC only - it doesn’t happen on my other one.
I tried un-installing, downloading, and re-installing - no difference.

Currently running the just downloaded under Windoze XP


What happens is you choose a different Forecast skin?

When you uninstalled did you delete the “C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\WeatherWatcher” folder also?

What’s the pc’s date/time format set to?

Different forecast skin: No change

Delete at Uninstall: No - only did the un-install.

Date/time format: I don’t see a spot to set this - so I don’t know … but here’s the system tray:


The date format is set in the Windows’ Control Panel.

On my system the Regional option for date is English (United States) and the format for the Short date is: 8/21/2008 and the Long date is: Thursday, August 21, 2008.

The date in your image is 2008-08-21. It may not be matching up with TWC’s format for USA location dates. And TWC is where WW get’s it’s data from.


I’ll check that when I get back on that computer tomorrow. But it seems if that was the cause, both displays would be showing the wrong day as ‘current’.