High and LOW temps on Daily view

The main reason I don’t like wwl is no low temp shown like on classic WW.
How about adding a LOW temp on the daily view?


Any way this could be incorporated, Mike ??

I’m going to add a new slider view that looks like the bottom part of your photo above. A lot of people have asked for that view to be added.

Thanks. The bottom part is of course WW classic.

Right. The problem is that I don’t want to edit the existing slider view since other people will then complain that it has changed. Adding a new Classic-like slider view seems to hit the mark for everyone.

Yes, that would work well.

Just tried your newest 7.2.67 version and didn’t notice any
high and low temps in the daily view. Maybe next version?

It was just a fix release. I did not intend to release it, but had to since Google broke something in Google Maps :sad:

Any progress on high and low temps in last 6 months, Mike?

In the last year, Mike?

Any progress on this Mike ???

Thanks anyway.