Help with WWL Map

I need some help understanding the map on the main screen of WWL. What’s displayed is distorted and most of the map isn’t even Oregon and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a snapshot of todays weather radar. Is it just a static picture not meant to reflect actual weather conditions? I’d like to get a better looking map picture in any case.

When I click on the “play” icon in the map it takes me to WeatherUnderground map but I’d prefer to open a WeatherUnderground Wundermap. Is that possible?

Any help explaining this will be appreciated.

Please post a screenshot of the entire Weather Watcher window.

Here’s the screenshot.

Does anyone know how to change the map in Now screen?

Hello DrWho, click on Settings and after that you will have text field to add your map link:

Thank you. I did see that but I hoped the map would not be static but update to current conditions for an area. Do I misunderstand?