Help w/ tray tooltip skin

I love the new tray tooltip. The skinning of it seems to be very simple, just a GIF file of proper size named “background.gif” and font settings in a file named “skin.ini”, and that’s just great. I managed to change the background easy enough, but my problem is that I’m not familiar enough with the color codes or font names to select a different font properly. I’d also like to try bold or italics. Any help would be apreciated.

For those that haven’t looked at it yet, here’s the content of the “skin.ini” file as shiped w/ Beta10:


The new Tray Tooltip is great isn’t it. I love it too. As for fonts, click on Windows’ Start>Control Panel>Fonts for a list of all fonts installed on your system.

I don’t know how to change the Tray Tooltip’s font attributes but you could try

FontFace=Verdana Bold


Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

Thanks, that did it! Bold is so much easier to read w/ the background I’m using. [8D]

Good to hear. [:)] Thanks for the update.

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>