Have Lifetime License - won't activate

Purchased a lifetime license years ago - appears it is for only one computer.

Had it on another system, uninstalled - then installed on new system and it won’t activate and let me select a station. - Have uninstalled on a new machine, reboot, and installed again - same issue.

Don’t see a checkbox to indicate - run on this machine. - and it didn’t deactivate on the previous machine - so that is why I uninstalled it there.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


UpDate - after 5 uninstall, reboots and reinstall - I finally said retrieve my license (which I already knew what it was) got email and then tried it again and it activated. However, - several issues, can’t set system tray icons and can’t set more than one station for weather. - Suggestions please???

I received both of your emails. I’ll reply to your last email so we can keep everything in one place.

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