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Harassment-Free File Hosts Better than Rapidsh*t etal

[b]Free File hosts with no bullying harassment tactics to try to sell services to downloaders, no waiting, no download limits…so why mess with rapidsh&t or megasucks or depositpiles etc at all?

Links all checked and active as of 12-14-08

MediaFire Free File Hosting … se&_a=view

File Hosting & Storage Site Reviews
This site is an excellent resource for finding good free filehosts that do not harass users.

If everyone would use filehosts that are harassment-free for uploaders AND downloaders, then those hosts such as rapidsh*t, etc, might have to stop using underhanded bullying tactics to sell premium services.

Everyone who wants to download files certainly will appreciate harassment-free hosts!
[/b] is a nice choice – very slick interface.

The only downside is that some security-related software blocks downloads from that website.