Half of TWC map URLS are broken even in WWL ver 7.2.78

Mike, are you aware that nearly half of the TWC map URLs stop working and between Nov 1 and Nov 7 and will not update past that those dates. The 2 URLs below are an example of some that I can’t get to refresh any more and yes I have cleared my browser cache.

http://i.imwx.com/images/maps/forecast/ … 00x405.jpg
http://images.weather.com/web/forecast/ … en_600.jpg

I have a list of some of the TWC URLs bookmarked in the browser of my side computer and I like to view them at least daily. I don’t know why they broke between Nov 1 - 7, but I really liked viewing them and I hope you can figure how TWC changed the URLs.


Yes. Some of the maps seem to have been discontinued and others were replaced with newer maps. I’m working on cleaning up the map list for the next Weather Watcher release.