Great Program Not recieving the map

Using versionWeather Watcher 1.0.7 Mobile edition on WM6. When I update I recieve the temperatures and forcast fine but no Map nor do I recieve any symbols under the now tab. Perhaps this is some setting I have changed uned IE, Let me know Please.

Again Thanks on the Great Program.

It sounds like you might have disabled pictures in IE. Open IE and go to “Menu” --> “View” and make sure there is a checkmark beside “Show Pictures”.

i have the same problem with ww 107. the map tab comes up blank all the time. i’m using a samsung i760 running wm6. yes, i have show pictures checked in pocket ie.

ii changed the iconset from ny times to one named shiny…listed in another post. and now the weather maps appear!!!

no maps on mine either…

Same problem here. Everything else works but the mapscreen stays blank…

MAP not displaying

I too am not seeing the map. I have checked IE and view pictures is checked.

Which city are you using? Is your device connected to the Internet when you attempt to view the map?

It’s set to Imperial, PA. I would assume it would pull Pittsburgh’s map.

Just tried Pittsburgh and it too doesn’t show the map.

Yes, I am connceted via Activesync.

RADAR works, but Satellite doesn’t.

Both open on my device. Can you e-mail me the “Hourly.html” file in “/Program Files/Weather Watcher/Skins/Forecasts/Splendid” and/or post a link here?

After restarting my Axim this morning, Radar is also working !! Thanks!

For my city (Hyderabad, India) i can’t load the satellite map. But i can load the Radar map. After loading the Radar map, if i change Map setting in Options to Satellite, still it is loading the Radar map.

Can i add URL to a custom map? I could do this in SBSH software.

Both maps are not available in all locations.

This option is not available in Weather Watcher Mobile.

I’m 4 months late to the party, but it might be useful to know that when I disable JavaScript (via PIEPlus IE6) I am unable to view the maps at all.