Great on Dash/Landscape device

HTC Excaliber / T-Mobile Dash…

Working GREAT.

Only request at the moment is that there is no indication on the display which actual “view” you are viewing. Maybe there is room to the left or right of the location at the top?

Maybe also some quick menu keys (like possibly assign 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. to move views). I realize there the much quicker 5-way left/right to rotate views, but having numbers assigned to the view menu options would make jumping to particular views much quicker.

Overall though, great work for not even having a SP.

(BTW: Dash is very similar to Moto-Q in that it is a landscaped qwerty device, so I imagine WW works just as well on that device.)

bnystrom, thanks for sharing your feedback. Please keep posting your suggestions as you think of them :icon_smile: