Getting rid of In The News

I just upgraded to WWL 6.0, and I really want to get rid of the In The News blurb. How can I do that?



Me too. It cover historical weather so I can not see it. Would be nice to turn it off or find a better spot to put it.

Grab the lower right corner and make the window a bit larger.

Got it. Thanks

Donna, I will be adding an option to disable the news bar. It’ll be included with the “SETTINGS” at the bottom, right of the main Weather Watcher Live window.

Thanks, Mike. Any idea when that will be?



Donna, I have no idea. It’s on my to-do list though.


I had to really maximize my window to get the “news” off the top of the history. I really like the window to be smaller, so I am glad to hear that you are going to provide the option of turning off the bar. Overall, I really like the new look. I would like to have more “looks” and I am sure this is also on your to do list. Keep up the good work…Ron

Then I’ll just have to be patient. :lol:

Thanks for putting this on your list.


Can’t it just be relocated so it doesn’t cover other things?

I guess I really wouldn’t care if it went away, but you never know when you’ll see something that makes you click to read the story with this type of news feed.

tenzip, the news bar is actually in a pretty good spot when the main Weather Watcher Live window is sized properly. Did you try resizing the window?

I had doen that already, and it works fine, but it seems to me that the default window size should fit all the elements without having to resize.

Thank you.

tenzip, agreed. That is what I’ve experienced on the computers where I installed Weather Watcher Live. Different screen resolutions are probably somehow affecting the default window size.

Just downloaded WWL and the first thing after startup was to check the forums to rid myself of the “in the news” feature. How will we know when this option is available?

Biskitryder, make sure the “Check for new version” box is checked in the Weather Watcher Live Options window and you will be notified when new releases are available. The latest changes are posted on the Weather Watcher Live download page.

The following Weather Watcher Live build includes an option in the Splendid Settings (“SETTINGS” link at the bottom of the main WWL window) to hide the news bar:

FYI, the latest Weather Watcher Live release includes a Splendid setting to remove the news bar.