German Language ?

Is it possible to add language support, so that we can have this program along with the data in a other language, maybe german ?

i have translated the splendid file on the most text positions, but this does not translate all the text (dayname, and so on…)

bilbo_b, it’s not possible to translate Weather Watcher Mobile at this point. I will be working on a translation feature for a future release.

I can help you, to write some search and replace patterns when you want. i have some programming skills in c++ and other languages. when you can give me the source code and some hints about the processes in the programm, i can made a translation module.

another point is it, to support more than for weather data. is good (very good) for us weather, but has poor data from countrys such as germany. there are only a few town’s for germany in a better source for this country is or but this is only a wish, your app is good. i have used spb weather but i think your app is better, because spb weather made some problems with other home screen plugins and your weather report is so much detailed, better than in spb weather.

bilbo_b, I don’t know of any weather sources outside of the US that offer their data in a free data feed. Do you?

Hmm SPB Weather can retrieve his information from other sources than I know from[/url], [url=], but i dont know if this services are free…