Full Sceen Game Programs Minimize

I have found that the new WW causes my full screen games and other programs to suddenly minimize. This never happened before with previous versions.

In technical terms, the WW app is stealing the cursor focus away from other opened programs.

Before installing Windows 7 64 bit I entered BIOS to change IDE to AHCI drivers. Could this be a factor?

I have changes updates to every 20 minutes but even so, randomly the full screen program (has to be full screen) will suddenly minimize.

Please advise.

I have a few questions for you:

1) Is Weather Watcher visible on your screen at all times or do you keep it minimized to the system tray?

2) When Weather Watcher steals the focus, do you see the main Weather Watcher window on your screen, a weather alert popup window, etc.?

3) Which version of Weather Watcher are you using right now?

4) Do you recall which version of Weather Watcher you were using right before this problem started?

I don’t think that BIOS setting would affect Weather Watcher.

WW is minimized in to the System Tray only. I never have Alerts pop-up nor are the app pages open unless I do it manually.

That last version I had was you free version from several years ago.
version: 6035

Worked beautifully until last year.

Which version are you using right now? 6035? Or, is that the version that was working previously?

version: 7.2.42 currently

Please try updating to the latest build:

Just installed it. I’ll open a game and get back to you in about an hour.

Good news. I kept a game open to full screen for that last 45 minutes and it did not minimize while version 72043 was installed. My computer is pristine in all regards so this was baffling to say the least but the newest version has resolved the issue.

I am going to pass along to other readers that using Thunderbird can cause a full screen app/program to minimize. I never got that problem worked out so I switched to eM Client (POP3 Gmail/Comcast). Still use it on Windows 7 because it’s a clean Interface and it does not steal focus when checking email server for new mail or when it’s mimized to System Tray or Taskbar. WLM2009/2012 work well too for hotmail, outlook, msn and live accounts.

The worst thing (other than a disonnect) for gamer is to have the full screen program minimize in the middle of your entertainment.

I give my stamp of approval to Mike for a great System Tray (cursor hover) weather watcher.

Thanks Mike! =D>