Frame Problem

If I scroll horizontally whilst holding left mouse button on my laptop, the window slips out of frame by about 1cm.

weird - I cannot reproduce your symptoms.

Correction…It does it WITHOUT HOLDING the left mouse button, just running my finger across the horizontal scroll line on the mouse pad after one left click.

does your laptop have Click-lock enabled?

Yes, I have click lock enabled, but the click is not locked when this happens.

Just a quick click on the main window, then scroll right and the window shifts to the left.

It seems to be related to the slide bar, if I select Hours, I can slide the main window right out of the frame.

biggles150, thank you for the information and screenshots. I’ll get back to you after I review this issue.

Cheers Mike.

biggles150, I had no luck reproducing this problem on my laptop, which does have a horizontal scroll line on the mouse pad. Does it matter where you click on the main Weather Watcher Live window before scrolling? I tried clicking on the slider and then scrolling – that seemed to work okay.

Mike…If you left click on any blank area in the main window, don’t hold the left click, then using the horizontal scroll line, scroll right and the window shifts to the left. It’s more obvious if you have moons selected.

The slider seems to work as it should.

Mike…Any luck with this one?

Nope. I was thinking my laptop had a horizontal slider, but it only has a vertical slider.

I’m going to make some tweaks to the slider code to resolve some other issues. I’ll let you know when I do so you can give it a try.

Cheers Mike, good luck.


Seeing it’s been a bit quiet on here lately, have you made any progress on the slider coding?