Forum Cookies

I noticed that this forum uses a cookie in the format of:


Could the name be updated so that it identifies itself? Maybe:


I ask for two reasons.

1) I review my cookies regularly and tend to delete cookies I do not recognize. Of course, I now know this one is for the WW forum, but other folks may not.

2) The name is so generic, that it might be used by any other forum and create a conflict.


– PatrickB

PatrickB, anything is possible. I didn’t write the code for this forum, so it could be quite a task to go in and modify the code. Maybe I’ll take that up someday when I truely have nothing to do [:D]

Thanks Mike. I thought it might have been a setting in the Snitz Forum software. I was not at all suggesting this as a programming task for you.

– PatrickB

PatrickB, it’s definitely not a setting. I could be running an old version of the forum though… I haven’t checked for an update in a while. Even though, I doubt that’s something they would include in the settings.