Forecast very bad


I observed that Forecasts are very bad… I dont mean the forecast 7 days infront, but for the current day for ex. And not once almost everyday :frowning:
I shows rain hourly…there is no rain…when you open WW and look at the houly forecast again… the rain has been put back in the time… and finally there was no rain for this day. And there is a rain for next day… but again no rain…

that sucks :evil:

I haven’t found that to be the case at all. Since this program just conveys the information from the Weather Channel (, you seem to be placing the blame on the wrong party.

While I’m definitely not an expert on this, a few things do come to mind. Do you have the correct location entered into your program? Is your connection to the internet spotty, where it might not be updating on a reasonable basis?

I use the program all the time and have found it to be a very handy tool, and have not had any of the inaccuracy problems u\you describe.