Forecast refresh

Hello, it seems to take 15 to 30 seconds to refresh forecast updates live…is this normal? Using latest build of WWL.

Which weather station and version of Weather Watcher are you using?

Same with mine Mike, Just did a refresh and it took 32 seconds to complete. I remember it being much faster a few builds ago. Seems to have really slowed down. I’m running the latest build, no new builds available if I check for new versions. Just have to be patient and wait a little bit, it will complete.

Chunker, which weather station are you using?

Fargo airport

Using WWL 7.1.140 and weather station Ilam, Christchurch, New Zealand.

For some reason, one of the Weather Underground data calls is a little slow to respond today. The following Weather Watcher build should fix that issue:

It’s okay to install this right over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.

Tried the new build but the refresh still seems to lag. Did a refresh and it took 27 secs, then another that took 30 seconds. Not as bad as the 32 seconds it took before the new build. The bar graph just seems to lag and even stop somewhere in the middle. If I recall, it was always fast and only took a few seconds. I’ve noticed it for some time and only mentioned it to back up what the original poster was stating. Thanks for looking into the potential problem.

Agree with chunker, progress bar stalls half way thru refresh then after about 20 to 30 seconds finishes update rather jerkily!

Another problem I alerted to you some time back is the weather map for NZ only shows info (cloud cover) for about 6 hours per day. You suggested I contact WU about this, which I have done over several months but have had no reply.

Did a restart to make sure your new build was completely updated and then tried a couple of refreshes, both took 24 seconds to complete. As I stated before the refresh bar graph seems to stop about a third of the way for a few seconds before starting to move again. Then another little stop around 2/3 of the way before completing. My earlier recollections was the bar graph flew across and the update completed in just a few seconds from start to finish.

Give this build a try:

Brykari, there is no way I can fix the weather map. An alternative would be to manually set the map to another image by clicking “Settings” at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher window.

No real help Mike, did a refresh before the new build this morning and it was back to 32 seconds. Then installed the new build and refresh again took 32 seconds. Just doesn’t seem to help. Can’t seem to break that threshold.

I made a few more adjustments. This one should be better when updating the second+ time after installing.

Much better Mike, did 3 refreshes and they all took 7 or 8 seconds, a far cry better than the 32 before. Thanks for the fix!!!