Forecast Downloading Problem

Ever since I downloaded the newest patch for Weather Watcher, a problem occurs when it goes to download the forecast automatically.

The problem is that the CPU usage spikes to 60-70%. Also, it starts up Internet Explorer as a process, which also spikes up the CPU usage. It only lasts for about 5 seconds when it does this, however it’s enough to cause me to jump out of my full screen video games and back into the Windows desktop. Even if I’m not in a game, I know when it’s downloading the forecast, as the current window I’m in blinks off and on for a second. Sometimes when it starts the Internet Explorer process, it fails to shut it down properly, and I’m left with a bunch of IE processes running.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I’ve already tried uninstalling WW and downloading the latest full version and installing it with no avail.

My specs include a Pentium 4, 3.2GHz processor with HyperThreading and Windows XP Pro and all of the latest updates. You can replicate this yourself by setting the automatic updates down to one minute. Then open up a program like Internet Explorer. Make sure you have that window active. Whenever the update occurs, which shouldn’t be too long since you have it set to one minute, you’ll see the window select off and on. If it does that to you, let me know so I know I’m not the only one with this problem.


I have had great problems with this, any program I am running in full screen will exit when WW conducts its download. I have basically atributed this to WW opening my browser window to download the forcast.

Is there a way to force weather watcher to not open my default browser in the forground?


Yes… reinstall it from