for the future ???

Hello Mike,
I’m from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (happily it’s in your list). I’m a hidrologyst so of course I’m very interested in how the weather work (past and future).
First I want to congratulate you for WW 5.6 and all the other older versions. It’s surely no1 in this domain, I can tell you because I tried so many other programs. But yours is the most complex, very active/very alive and has a great interface (I use “Splendid” which I think is the best [:)]). I added some great maps for Europe instead of yours, including radars and sattelites.
I have some ideas too, in order to get this soft to perfection…
1 - why can’t you can offer us any data about the amonut of precipitation ? I know that data is missing at but… That would be really awesome !!! There are other resouces on the net (see at please - there you can find live data about precipitation for many world cities)
2 - have you thought about any posibility of showing some graphics (especially for past temperature, so we can see the tendence) in future versions ??? if not, eventually a little archive with data for a few days or weeks (min/max temperatures, precipitation, averages, etc…)
3 - I wait for new languages to be installed, but I guess that my language is not a priority [:I]… I offer you my help if needed.
4 - about the weather alerts ? is this available even for Romania ?
I ask you because I didn’t see any move in this area…for months…

That’s it for now !!! And many many congratulations again, Mike !
Keep up the good work ! We’re watching you ![8D]

PS-excuse my english…if there are any mistakes [:)]