What is the best font to use in system tray, it seems everyone I use is faded not solid making the font very scant barley there. I tried searching for font in Search but kept getting booted out with message have to use one word, 4 charters etc. Someone has probably already answered this question :-s but could not find it when I searched.

I use Microsoft Sans Serif, Font size Normal, and Size 8. It seems to work pretty good on my system, but all systems are different. You might want to give this one a try?

I’m using “FFF Forward”, “Normal” font style, size 7.

FWIW On my Windows 7 netbook I’m using:

Arial Black, 9, Normal, with black text on a light yellow background

Another item to consider, my Windows desktop Display is set at 108% not 100% or 125%.

And I’ve never heard of a FFF Forward font let alone have one.

The bottom line is configuring the icon is an art form with many variables. Try, try, and try again to get one that pleases you. And do post your results when you succeed. :icon_smile:

“FFF Forward” is the default tray icon font in Weather Watcher Live.

And now you know why I’ve never heard of it. :lol:

Well, I didn’t invent it… I just use it :icon_smile: