Font Size and Degree Symbol

My computer screen is 1600 x 1200. That makes everything a little small on my desktop, including the clock and Weather Watcher fonts.

I like the fact that you can make the font size bigger, but the problem is if I have the degree symbol showing, the font size can’t be bigger than 7, otherwise part of the numbers and/or degree symbol is cut off.

Is there anyway to make the space a little wider in the systray such that a larger font size can be used and still have the degree symbol showing? I am using the Tahoma font since it matches the font of the clock.

Thx. Other than that, I love your product!

Ahhh XP strikes again! [xx(] Well you could always get a third party software package that allows you to fix all those kinds of things, I did a search on google and the first one I found was called Liquid View, maybe we could talk Mike into making a program that does it!! [;)][:p][;)]