Fl?gger's Avatar

Fl?gger, what is your avatar supposed to be?

Hehe, well Mike, it’s actually a super-cool and annoyingly perky sheep, that just sits [or stands] there, kinda saying “Is that your best? Give me your best! Come on, even I could do better than that…!”

Or, well, maybe just a pretty ugly looking sheep I drew once… Don’t know why I didn’t throw it in the trash, but for some reason I kinda like him…

For better detail: http://www.jayscape.net/images/sheep.jpg

What did YOU think it was?

I was kind of thinking it was a sheep too… or a cross between a person and a sheep. It always makes me laugh when I see it :cool:

Hehe, k??l :razz: it’s very reminiscent of other stuff I draw… Kinda… It’s my style… But I’m glad you like it… Or just that it makes you laugh… That’s what it’s all about - I like making people laugh… Programming is just something I do to keep thinking straight…

If you’d like to see a little more of what I’ve done, there’s some on this danish amateur artist site: http://www.tegnebordet.dk/index.php?vis … p&id=13003

Hmmm, wonder if anyone will respond?!?

Hehe, just found this thread again, after having forgot all about it :iconbiggrin:

But I got to thinking, why not try a little test :razz: how about this…:

How much do you, dear reader, know about my good old home country, Denmark? [preferably without cheating :razz:]


I have a pretty good idea where to find it on the map or globe.

I know a bit about Hamlet. (I love your tagline by the way)

I can spell Copenhagen. (Truly, I did look that up to be sure…)

My wife’s ancestry is Danish.

Re: Flügger’s Avatar

Well, as far as i know, prince Hamlet is partly imagination, though based on a real prince called Amleth, which is pretty weird…

And none of you can really spell Copenhagen, cuz you just don’t have buttons for it :wink: the right, and danish, spelling is København :smiley:

I find it funny though, that many americans [some others, but mainly] sometimes think that Denmark is part of northern Germany or part of Sweden… I’ve even heard people who thought Denmark was the capital of Sweden…
I just don’t get it, we’re like the oldest kingdom in the world, and one of the most offensive thing you can do to us is comparing us to swedes :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ve got a bit of american ancestry though… Not really and not that much, but still…

Is this your annual posting to the thread? :lol: