Fix (8/13/04 @ 2:07 AM EST) causing major problems

The fix released at 8/13/04 @ 2:07 AM EST is causing major problems with my system. I have a HP Media Center PC with XP Pro, 180G HD, 2.8ghz, 1G ram with Windows SP1 with the latest updates for SP1, ZoneAlarm Pro ver. 4.5.594, no proxy and McAfee Online Virusscan. After a call to HP about a problems that were occuring with my system, it was determined that this fix is causing my system to hang a lot and be very sluggish and it is causing an Internet Explorer error popup message to popup all the time stating that Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) has encountered an error. When this popup error message occurs, my screensaver will not work. Also, I have too noticed that the forecast never changes as a previous poster states… When I use the restore feature in Windows and restore my system too just before I installed this fix, my system is fine but the “Server Not Found” is back. Is anybody else receiving this error message and slow system response, forecast not updating, etc with the fixed dated 8/13/04 @ 2:07 AM EST?