First use

Hi All,

Mike, thanks for writing this terrific program, I just got it today and have added a slightly different look by using another set of icons. There’s nothing wrong with those you supply, I am just really used to another set and have been for some time now. They look very neat shrunk down from their usual 256x256 - 52x is perfectly ok - but what is the max size one can use without messing up the program or making it work too hard?

They are known as JyrikShiny, I use them in other software a lot, and I took the standard distro of them and simply shrunk them down. I had to copy the - and na gifs into the same new folder as it does not have equivalents of them. I shall see what I can do about making some that fit in with the JyrikShiny style.

It’s very easy to skin this thing, and I look forward to seeing if I can make some fully original sets over time too. I do some 3d work so I may go that route and render a whole new set once I get my bearings on all that.

The skin that comes with Weather Watcher Mobile forces the icons to a specific width (31 pixels), so the image size really does not matter. It would be a good idea to use images that are close to that width.

Did someone say “icons”?? :iconbiggrin: … ny-5215175

EdP, those are very nice :thumbright:

I believe they are the JyrikShiny icons that ExtraMedium is referring to.

They are indeed Ed, and thanks for pointing them up again, I just spotted they updated them, and as a result I may have less work to do to get the others that are needed! :wink:

They do look good in WWM. Especially since they got that subtle shadowing under them so they look like they are floating above a ground plane of some kind.