Finding new maps

I use the AccuWx Map of Florida as wall paper. I have the refresh rate set at 5 mins but most the time its 30 to 45 mins to get a refreshed map.
The weather changes to quickly here in Florida at this time of year to have a map that is 30 mins out of date.
Are there other maps that can be used for this function?
If so where? And how do I change it?

Hi Theron. Which Florida map do you use? The WW Wallpaper Options tab list at least 12 maps for Florida and they are all from AccuWx. Who set up the pc for you?

If you go to the WW Options’ Maps tab and click on the Map Manager button you can preview the existing maps list and add maps of your own choosing. Maps that may interest you are: … SIRFLS.gif … 1KMIAa.gif … e_anim.gif … oop-12.gif


Is it possible to use a map such as the NOAA map at

set that as a wallpaper and have it up date according to the time I choose in the WeatherWatcher options?[/url]

Unfortunately not without some effort. That image is a composite, and it’s automation is a rapid display of a series of images using a Java app. If you are into html coding you can create your own version and even do the automation using Javascript code rather than Java but it will take some effort. … _Short.jpg … _Short.gif … _Short.gif … _Short.gif … _Short.gif … ings_0.gif



The best that can be done with the above information is this. [code]

Ed's Animated Weather Images

<! To use you need a browser that supports Javascript or Jscript. >

NOAA radar
Created using Javascript Animator Express
[/code] The problem is the name of the radar images is a random variable. And I don't know of a way to get the updated names into the table to keep it current. I believe it is possible to do from what I have seen in the TinyRss app's code, it's just way beyond my skill set at this point.

imgarray1[1].src = ""; imgarray1[2] = new Image(); imgarray1[2].src = ""; imgarray1[3] = new Image(); imgarray1[3].src = ""; imgarray1[4] = new Image(); imgarray1[4].src = ""; imgarray1[5] = new Image(); imgarray1[5].src = ""; imgarray1[6] = new Image(); imgarray1[6].src = ""; imgarray1[7] = new Image(); imgarray1[7].src = ""; imgarray1[8] = new Image(); imgarray1[8].src = ""; imgarray1[9] = new Image(); imgarray1[9].src = "";

Those images seem to be named by the time the image was ‘taken’:

TBW_20080610_1742_NCR.gif ==> 10 Jun 2008 @ 1742 (5:42 PM) local time (or possibly GMT)

It would make the code extremely long, but if you could set it to parse the current date and time, and then go back about, say, an hour or 2 before that and have the code search for an image using something like an ‘if exist’ statement for every single minute then you might be able to get a working animation…

You’d need to parse the current date and time, then subtract 120 minutes (or the appropriate # seconds, milliseconds, whatever) and every time one exists save it to the array and increment the array position variable…

This is very very raw, mind you but I am envisioning something like this:

int n = 1; int i = 0; int CurrentTime = (Int.parseInteger(Time)-120); For (i = 1; i < 121; i++) { if exist Integer ("TBW_" + Date + "_" + (CurrentTime + i) + "_NCR.gif" { imgarray[n].src =" + Date + "_" + (Time -121 +i) + "_NCR.gif" n++; if n > 8 break; }

That would be how the JAVA would work to search for all time images for every minute, I think…

Hello John. :icon_smile:

Those commands are very temping, unfortunately they appear to be CMD script code rather than Javascript code. :sad:

And yes, I agree the image names corresponding to the date and time the image was taken. The kicker is the time period between the images changes!! Otherwise it would be a simple time function to determine the current set of images.

FWIW All the current images are here:

and this is an interesting write up on the images: … wnload.htm

I’m thinking a different approach is needed now.

BTW I’ve disabled the auto play of the map. It caused the page to loop with the outdated weather images in the table. :-s

Sorry for the late reply - I missed your reply Ed.

I was actually writing most of those commands from my (admittedly small) knowledge of JAVA from the class I took last semester. However, I can research this a bit more as I have 2 friends reading a lot on JavaScript right now and they might be able to help…

And, yes, I realize that JAVA is not the same as JavaScript - but I don’t know JavaScript whereas I do know a bit in JAVA, so I used the code more for an emulation / catalyst to get someone’s creative juices flowing so that they would have an idea on how to attack the problem and hopefully would know JavaScript enough to do it programmatically.

Well, if you, or your friends, can develop something that can read the URL with the map names and extract the names for the Javascript table would be great.

Or if they could develop a variation of the aniscode.jar app that allows for loading the remote images that could be very helpful also. :thumbright:

BTW I don’t know if the image you’re using is your actual signature but it sure is easy to print on documents. :wink: