FF 4.0 beta...release soon?

Just curious if a usable and recognizable WWL extension is imminent for FF 4.0 beta?


I haven’t tried the latest Firefox beta. If you try it and find something is incompatible, then let me know and I’ll check it out.

It is noted as being “incompatible” under the Add-Ons master list so I can’t determine if there are any issues since it will not even load. If you would release a version compatible I would be happy to give it a spin under FF 4.0. “Nightly Testing Tools” is currently incompatible with 4.0 so I can not override the compatibility check with that extension.



The following installer will work with the Firefox 4 beta:

Seems to work well with FF 4.0. Thanks.

Firefox 4 beta 7 dropped the status bar. What to do with Weather Watcher?

Armando, what is everyone else doing with their extensions? I guess the menu bar is always an option.

I’m not sure but it’s seems the bar is not available as an option either. The only extension I use needing the bar is Firefox Sync. I found a post where someone asks how to check the the status of syncronization without the bar but unfortunately it’s without reply.
There is sure a solution but I didn’t find it.

Let’s just wait and see what’s in the final release. Considering that their extensions are what always set them above everyone else, I’d be shocked if they removed all of the areas where extensions are currently displayed.