Feels Like

I am running version 7.2.104 of Weather Watcher Live and the Feel Like temp that is displayed is sometimes way wrong. I uploaded a picture of this months chart and you can see things are just not right. Is there a way to fix this.

The Feel Like Temp has been fixed with the updated Weather Watcher Live ver. 7.2.104. Thank you so much for taking care of this. Well done !!

I recently fixed a few issues that were allowing Weather Watcher to download and process weather data from other weather stations. That would have allowed bad data to be recorded in the monthly observations. There is no way to edit the recorded observations, but you should install the current version of Weather Watcher in order to prevent that from continuing to occur.

The update you did a week or so after I posted this problem fixed my problem but it came up with a new problem a few weeks later. I was hoping a new update would fix this. I am now running version 7.2.110. When I go to the Monthly tab I get this display as seen in the picture below.

I hope this can be fixed.

The Monthly Observations window will only show data for your currently selected weather station (and only data that was being collected by Weather Watcher in the past while it was running). If no data is available, that most likely means you’re using a new weather station or the data that was stored locally was deleted (which could happen if you uninstall Weather Watcher).

That data is stored in the following file:

If that file is very small, it was recently created (or deleted and recreated).

You should also find a backup file in that same folder named “wwl.backup”. If that file is much larger than the “wwl.mdb” file, you could try restoring it over top of the current file. To do so, shut down Weather Watcher, rename the “wwl.backup” file to “wwl.mdb”, and then start Weather Watcher.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I checked and I have a wwl.mdb file with the size of 37,936KB. I also have a wwl.backup that is the same file size.
When I was going to the Weather Watcher Live folder I saw above this folder a Weather Watcher folder. Do not know if that has any thing to do with this problem or not.

That’s good news. That at least means the data was not lost.

I’d like to take a look at that MDB file to see what it contains. Please upload it to a file sharing site like dropbox.com and post a link back here (or email it to me at Mike@SingersCreations.com). Also, please post a screenshot of the main Weather Watcher window so I can see which weather station you’re currently using.

That just means you were running one of the original versions of Weather Watcher at some point.