Feels like?

On a whim I decided tonight that I wanted to be constantly updated about how horribly humid the weather here is in Japan. I found this Weather Watcher program on Download.com and to my joy I found it to be everything I wanted. It was perfect! EXCEPT…is it just me or does “Feels like” temperature always seem to be out of whack?
For instance right now it’s telling me that the temperature in Tokyo is 24 deg celcius. Dead on. And it’s telling me that the relative humidity is 83%. Again dead on. And yet for some reason the “Feels like” temperature is only 26 deg celcius! According to the Humidex chart and a couple of other weather sites I visited it should be somewhere along the lines of 31 degrees celcius. Now I know virtually nothing about weather so maybe I’m missing something I don’t know.

Anyways if you could look into that that would be great! Keep up the good work. Also is there any possiblity of adding an option where you could change “Feels like” to “Humidex”? That’s how we usually refer to it in Canada :slight_smile:

Hoser, the feels like temperature is pulled from weather.com’s data. I’m not really sure how it’s calculated. It’s possible that your humidex temperature is calculated differently.

Hoser try this link.


Relative Humidity Calculation, Windchill, HeatIndex, etc. [:)]

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