Feels like temperature shows negative degrees

The temperature right now is 29 degrees celcius out but the feels like temperature shows a -18? What is wrong? Please help. Thanks in advance.

I have a few questions for you:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

2) Which weather station are you using?

Hi there,

I am using weather watcher live 6.0.34 and my weather station is Seoul, South Korea. It only started happening since yesterday night. I uninstalled and re-installed the program and it still shows the same thing.

I tried all four Seoul weather stations, but had no luck reproducing this problem. Which of the four weather stations are you using? You’ll find the weather station name at the top, left of the main Weather Watcher Live window (e.g. k13 AFB).

Sorry, it’s the Seoul, Korea Kimpo Intl K-14 station.

Below is what I see right now. Are you still seeing something different?


temperature now reads: 22 degrees celcius
temperature min reads: -18 degrees celcius
max reads: 420371521 degrees
rate reads: 122.9 degrees/hr

feels like: -18 degrees
dew point: -18 degrees

the feels like temperature never changes from -18 degrees. the max has a 9 digit reading??? i don’t know what the heck is wrong. but those two numbers do not change and stay the same all throughout the day.

even if i try to change stations, it still shows -18 degrees. pain in the … and rather annoying. oh well. if it can’t be fixed, i may just delete the program. thanks for trying to help me out :slight_smile:

Do your conversion settings match mine exactly (see my screenshot above)?

i’m used to using canadian units so i have it set at celcius, km, mm, cm. i did try to change it to what you had it set to but it made no difference.

Perhaps the problem is related to your regional settings. Which format is selected in the dropdown in the “Regional and Language Options” section of the Windows Control Panel?

I have it set at English (United States) and I’ve just changed the location to Korea but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I think I’m going to just delete the program for now. Thanks for your help.