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Feels Like Temperature is N/A

Have been using this program for years and LOVING it! Long time license key holder (and appreciate that it never expires, unlike some programs).

I recently had to change weather stations. In selecting a new station, many close to me give a N/A as the “feels like” temperature. However, other stations (unfortunately farther away) correctly indicate a “feels like” temperature. Two questions: 1. Is the lack of a “feels like” temperature due to the data collected by the station? 2. If so, when selecting a station from the long list, is it possible to determine which stations will produce a “feels like” temperature?


Are you saying all current conditions except the feels like temperature are available? If so, can you give me an example of a weather station that’s currently displaying data like that?

Hi Mike – thanks for the quick response. Below is an example where the “feels like” temperature is N/A currently, although, oddly, not for the future (afternoon, evening) which have the “feels like” just fine. Of the dozen stations that are close to me, this occurs on about half. This is from Wellington Heights, VA (The Green Gem).

The feels like temperature was not calculating properly for this weather station since the wind data was unavailable. I just released Weather Watcher version 7.2.248 to work around that issue. Please install that update and let me know if it does not resolve your problem.

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Thanks for the quick update!! Installed fine. Is it correct that if the weather station does not provide wind data, then WW 7.2.248 assumes a wind speed of zero and uses the temperature as the “real feel?”

Some stations also provide the feels like temperature. If that’s available at the source, Weather Watcher will show that temperature instead of calculating it using the wind data. If both the feels like and wind data are unavailable, the feels like will show N/A.

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