Feels like temp is off by 2 degrres

The “Feels Like” temp is off in WWL. In the tray pop-up and tray icon, it is showing as 104 degrees. In the Update screen (Main screen) it is showing as 102 degrees. It has been off by 2 degrees since hitting 100. Any idea why it would be doing that?

Please post a screenshot.

I can’t. The Feels Like temp went down to 99 and it is working like it should now. I will catch it when it goes past 100 again and post the shots then.

Mike, the Feels Like temp is off again. It shows is accurately when it first updates. Then it jumps back the 1 degree in the min window right after that. The main window seems to be off.


Today, the Feels Like temp is 5 degrees off.


I found that the weather data in the main Weather Watcher Live window was not refreshing properly when the realtime updates were firing. The following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve this issue:


Thanks, Mike. :wink: