FAQ: Where does Weather Watcher store its settings?

Weather Watcher stores its settings in the following locations:

Windows Registry Settings:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher


Windows Vista/7:
C:\Users[Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcher

Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings[Windows Username]\Application Data\WeatherWatcher

Note: The files/skins will be stored in the Weather Watcher program folder (C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\User[Windows Username]) if the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher program folder” box is checked in the “General” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

:-s Don’t you mean the (C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\User[Windows Username]) folder?

To be extra specific, yes :icon_smile:

Just don’t want anyone to get confused. :wink: There are skins in the C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher folder also. Maybe a link to my .cmd script would be helpful? And did you see my suggestion of adding a means to display the current live/inuse skins location to the Options’ Skins tab?

Nope – good idea though.

I’m glad I mentioned it then. :icon_smile: See this posting for the original suggestion:
http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … 96&start=9