Exporting Weather to HTML

Maybe I should ask the question first?

What is the main purpose of the export function? Mike, What did you see users using it for?

What I desire to do, if ok, or possible, is to have WW automatically change the weather on a website. For example, I work on http://www.veronafd.org, and on the main page I have an applet from the weather channel. I would prefer to use WW, for the more flexibilities on the design and information to put in it.

What I tried to do was to use the FTP connection through Network Connections on XP, but I get a ?Windows cannot access this folder? error. Is this because WW was not designed to access via FTP? Is it settings on the FD?s server, or I am just an idiot? I wish I could test it on another server, but unfortunately I can not find a small web drive with FTP access for free.

Any suggestions?

That feature will only allow you to export the weather data to a local drive and/or network drive. If you want to FTP the data, you’re going to have to set up some kind of process that will automatically FTP the data every X minutes.