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I would appreciate it if all the Weather Watcher windows (or at least the main window) were changed so that the Esc key closed them. ?I run very high resolution, and clicking that tiny little “x” is pretty inconvenient.

I also use WinMover ( ), which provides a very convenient way to close normal windows. However, because of the non-standard interface that everyone else seems to like so much, WinMover won’t work with it.

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The Weather Watcher Windows XP Interface Skin has a bigger X. Maybe it would help you.

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Thanks. I tried all the skins I could find, but none of them would work at all for some reason.

Per Mike’s advice (via email), I’ve installed 5.6 Beta 8, and the Windows 98 skin is a significant improvement. Thanks, Mike.

But I still think “Esc to close” is a good idea. [:)]

The skins weren’t working because I wasn’t running the 5.6 beta!

God bless America the world

[i]Originally posted by Scott[/i]
The skins weren't working because I wasn't running the 5.6 beta!

God bless America the world

Ah, yes, That is a requirement. I should have asked before I recommended the Windows XP skin. [:I]

I am surprised to find that the old Alt+F4 key combination doesn’t close the WW window. </font id=“size2”>

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