Errors in codes FRXX00..


I am Pilot and you have an error between two weather Airports: “LFPG -> Paris (Roissy) Charles-de-Gaulle” and “LFPO -> Paris-Orly”

For Paris (France) you have 3 Airports:

LFPG: Paris, (Roissy) Charles-de-Gaulle
LFPB: Paris, Le Bourget
LFPO: Paris, Orly

And All the codes FRXX00… for Paris, France are wrong, expect LFPO (Paris, Orly, FRXX0077)

But the primordial weather Airport that function 24/24h and 7/7d is: “LFPG, Paris, (Roissy) Charles-de-Gaulle” but I don’t know the code FRXX00…

I hope have help you :slight_smile:
If you have need others technics infos, don’t hesitate to email me.

Pilot (Paris, LFPG)

??, which is the source of Weather Watcher’s weather data, shows two weather sites for Paris.
[size=2] … s=&x=0&y=0

One is Paris, France ( … earch_city[/url]), the other is Paris/Charles deGaulle, France ( … earch_city). If you go through … h/enhanced there is also a [url=]

When I manually changed the FRXX0076 in the last URL to FRXX0077 ( I got the weather for Paris/A?roport de Roissy, France. :icon_smile: apparently only has the two codes for Paris, FRXX0076 and FRXX0077, and they can be used with either the English version websites, or the French version sites.

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