Error: Server Not Found with 5.6.15

Just updated to WW 5.6.15, refuses to update, giving “Error: Server Not Found”.

I have tried all suggestions posted in FAQ about this with no help.

I can access with IE no problem.

I am running Windoze ME (yes, I know it sucks, but because of business software, I cannot update to XP).

I am running Zone Alarm. If I disable it, I get the same error.

However, with Zone Alarm running, I don’t even get the pop-up from ZA telling me WW is trying to access the internet … this always used to happen whenever I upgraded to a new version of WW.


Hello bobviolence. I don’t have any suggestions for your WW problem but I do have a comment on your business software. Many if not most of my old Win 98 sw runs fine on Win XP. I didn’t upgrade to XP for 2 yrs after it came out due to concerns about my exisitng sw running on it. The only way to find out if your’s will work is to do an upgrade, not a clean install, and then try it. There are Compatibility options that you can set for problem apps to have them run in older Win modes.

There is also the possibility of running older apps in Virtual Machines running on Win XP but that’s for extreme cases.

hth and hope you get the server error resolved.

The reason my current business software doesn’t run under XP is that it’s an old (and I mean OLD) DOS application.

When I have some free time, I plan on doing a clean XP install, and then running DOS in a virtual environment. I just haven’t had any free time lately.

I have the exact same problem. WW was working fine until I installed the latest update. FYI: I am using a proxy server.

Problem solved: I changed the proxy settings

If you keep the hd’s file format as FAT you should be ok. If you do a clean install and format the hd to NTFS, allocate a small FAT partition for the DOS app. That should work also. I have old DOS games on a FAT formated partition that run just fine under Win XP.

With Vista now coming out there should be good discounts on old Win XP stock. :wink:


I also updated to WW 5.6.15, refuses to update, giving “Error: Server Not Found”.

The WW 5.6.14 before is running well without errors.
What’s the difference between those 2 versions. I also have uninstalled the whole SW an reinstalled it, but nothing changed.

Can I get the old version from anywhere?


I’d like to just uninstall the current version and reinstall the older version as well (until the bugs are worked out).

Is there a place that keeps the older versions of WW?

If you didn’t delete the old download it should still be in your My Downloads folder.

Did you try this posting’s download? … php?t=1476

I am also receiving the Error: Server Not Found message. Just installed 5.6.15. Downloaded the above link to 5.6.14d (removed .15 first) and still receiving the error. Everything worked smoothly until yesterday’s download and installation.

Running IE 6.0 sp2 on Windows XP Professional 2002, SP2. I am using a corporate LAN but not behind a firewall or proxy.

I have tried the options in the FAQ’s and I have uninstalled and reinstalled each version twice and now I can’t use Weather Watcher at all.

Any ideas?

If you are using a proxy server, then try verifying your settings in the Proxy tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

If you are not using a proxy server, then check out the suggestions in the following thread: … .php?t=662

If you’re using Windows 98 (and possible Windows 2000?), you might be missing winhttp.dll. The following installation includes that file:
Download Weather Watcher 5.6.15 with winhttp.dll

I posted a few old Weather Watcher releases in the following forum: … m.php?f=50

Please post your feedback in this thread in regards to the above solutions.

Uninstalled 5.6.15, rebooted, and installed 5.6.15 with winhttp.dll, which produced the same results (Error: Server Not Found)

Uninstalled that, rebooted, and installed 5.6.14, which works perfectly, thus I did not try 5.6.13

Thanks for posting the older versions.

I’m having the same problem. I do have the Proxy settings set correctly. They’re the same as in IE.

I will try and reinstall .14, as this version worked.

Well, it seems the Weather Watcher 5.6.15 weather download method will not work on Windows 98 (according to Microsoft’s website). I put together a modified download method that should also work with Windows 98. The new build can be downloaded from the following link:

Download Weather Watcher 5.6.15a

If you’re using Windows 98/SE, then please give this build a try. I’d appreciate if you would post your feedback in this thread.

Mike, thanks for the previous version. I uninstalled 5.6.15, tried the .15a build which did not work. Then I uninstalled again, downloaded and installed 5.6.14 which works perfectly. I’m not sure what happened there.

Again, i’m running XP SP2 Professional with IE6 SP2 with no proxy.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance with future debugging efforts.

also having problem with proxy

I am also having the same problem with the proxy, I verified all proxy settings, but still getting an error. I downloaded the old version you posted and I am back up and running…Thanks.

5.6.15 or 5.6.15a with or without winhttp.dll don’t work (w98SE)

Back to 5.6.14 :icon_smile:

I’m going to post a new release that uses the download method from Weather Watcher 5.6.14. That will definitely resolve these issues… as well as allow everyone to take advantage of the latest build.

The 5.6.16 release will solve this problem:


Thanks, Mike. New version .16 works like a charm. Appreciate it!