Error Messages

When trying to get the forecasts I get nothing but error messages. This has happened well over 20 times in the past week and is not corrected by doing anything that is suggested in the window that pops up. Anyone have any ideas that might help. I’m really getting frustrated and am about ready to delete this program.

I plan to have a fix out on Sunday/Monday night. I’d release it earlier, but I’m away for the weekend. I need to have a life too [:D]

In the meantime, please give the beta a try. I’ve been testing it for over a month, so it works pretty well (very stable too!).

You can download the current 5.0.28 beta here: (case-sensitive)

  • Installation Instructions *

  1. Download and unzip the “BETA502810.ZIP” file to the folder of your
    choice (create a new folder).

  2. Run “WW.EXE” from the above folder.

  3. Set up all of your Weather Watcher options in the Options window. The options are now stored in a .INI file. Each Windows user will have their own custom options.

  • Features In The Works *

  1. Resizable main window
  2. Skinnable interface
  3. Alternate interface language
  4. Set your wallpaper to any map from the Map Manager

  • Feedback? *

Please let me know what you think of the beta. What should doesn’t work? What should I change? What should I add?

[8D]I guess it might work if the server was working. I have it installed and I like the idea of the skins but you do seem to have server problems. I got rid of Weather Bug because it had too many error messages and too many ads on it. I hope you don’t have the same problems.

When I try to get the weather update I get a server error. That is all I can tell you at this point. Once it is working I will let you know more.

Thanks for your reply.

Cupman – Are you saying the v5.0.28 beta has server problems? I haven’t seen any problems so far and I’ve been using it for over a month.

v5.0.28 works fine for me. Downloaded it this morning, works great !