Error Code 183

Whenever a new version of WWL comes out I always receive this message on both Win7 and Win10 PCs: This has happened repeatedly over the last 6 months to a year.

An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
MoveFile failed; code 183.
Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

The file in question is dl.exe

This happens with both an automatic update and if I download the new version and try to install that.

The only way I have found to overcome this problem and install the new version is to stop WWL starting with Windows and then I can install the new version the next day on startup. Surely there must be an easier way around this?

Btw dl.exe is not showing in task manager processes when this error occurs and I cannot delete the file from its directory since I am told it is in use!

Appreciate some help as why do other people not get this issue?


What happens when you manually run the installer by right-clicking it and choosing “Run as administrator”?

Aha, that fixed the problem. Thanks Mike.

Kind regards, Rob

That means your Windows user does not have permission to overwrite some (or all) of the installed Weather Watcher program files.

Thanks for the information but how do I correct the issue please? I am the only user on the PCs and I am also the admininstrator as that user. I have just checked my user settings which clearly show I am also the administrator. I do not have any problems installing other updates apart from WWL.


If the issue is that Weather Watcher is not able to run the installer (via the auto update feature), then running Weather Watcher using the “Run as administrator” option once might resolve that permission issue. If you cannot manually run the installer without using the “Run as administrator” option, then it seems your Windows user doesn’t really have full administrative rights.

Thanks Mike. I will see what happens with the next auto-update of WWL and if that fails again on dl.exe, I will check my administrator rights very carefully.

Kind regards, Rob

Just thought you would like to know Mike, the WWL update this morning (7.2.210) installed successfully on all my PCs without requiring admin authority so the permissions issue seems to have been resolved. Thanks for your input.

Kind regards, Rob

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