Error - C:\windows\system32\scrrun.dll - Unable to register

I uninstalled StickIt 3.0.3 on my WindowsXP Pro machine to install the new 3.0.4 version. During the installation I received the following error message:

Unable to register DLL/OCX: DllRegisterServer failed;
code 0x80004005.
Unspecified error.

I’ve aborted, cleaned the registry of all StickIt entries, improved permissions to the OBDC folder (as suggested on another site concerning a similar issue), and tried reinstalling, but the same error message appears. I know that I can (and finally did) IGNORE this error and the program seems to install and work properly, but I’d sure like to know why I’m getting the error message in the first place and what if anything can be done about it? I see from other threads that this issue has appeared at least twice with two other SingersCreations programs. Is the problem related? Please advise. Thank you.

decorum, most people already have this file, so you can just ignore the error during installation. If StickIt runs, then you’re good to go.

Mike, thanks for the quick reply. Your answer begs the question, if most people already have that file, and the result is this error message that can be ignored, which I can image would confuse many if not most of the people installing the program, then can you re-write the installation process to cover this…non-issue? (e.g. If “scrrun.dll” is found, then do not install another copy. Versus, if “scrrun.dll” is NOT found, then do install.)

decorum, the result is that error message on your computer. The installer skips right by that file for most people that already have that file installed. There are thousands of possible Windows system configurations, so I’m not sure what is causing that message to display on your computer.