Error after installation of weather watcher

I love WW and have downloaded and updated to the most recent version. Now, every time I reboot my machine it tries to run "Dell installed programs and the message Error 1706 -cannot find the product. I have searched all the start up files and I cannot find why this is happening but it occurred only after I install WW. I have WinPatrol Plus installed and it does not list this as a startup program.
I can get the computer to finish booting back up by canceling the task several times. This IS connected to the WW installation since I can un-install WW and this does not happen but upon reinstalling it occurs again.
Thanks much.

Please post a screenshot of that error message. If needed, the following link explains how to take a screenshot:

That’s not a WW problem, it has happened on other systems also according to this: … 1I7SUNA_en

I think the Windows Installer Cleanup should resolve the problem: … -us;290301

Thanks for the help. I should have Goggled the error number and found this. The Windows Installer Cleanup did cure the problem but why it occurred with the WW installation and not any of the previous ones is a mystery.
One note of caution to others who might read this. Use the Windows Installer Cleanup with caution. Pick ONLY the one causing the problem to delete or you will have to reinstall a bunch of stuff. Thankfully I read up on it before I used it so everything is well.
Thanks again Ed.