Error 62 and Map Manager

To customize my map list quickly, I edited “maps.ww”. This has worked previously, but I am now receiving “Error 62”. “Error 62” is “Input past end of file”. The syntax in “maps.ww” appears to be correct.

The error is reproducible by clicking “Maps”, “Map Manager”. The error box appears immediately.

What is happening here?

It sounds like the map file’s format has been changed. Try reinstalling Weather Watcher to restore the map file. Then, edit the file again.

Rather than do a reinstall how about checking the maps.backup file? It’s created with each upgrade.

I do all my map changes to the mapshistory.ww file. Smaller and more precise as to what I use.


I believe a line got out of place. Once I got it somewhat happy, an error of some sort was obvious. One heading followed immediately behind another. While it doesn’t seem to have much of a practical use, the code “should” work. It’s not worth following as a bug.

I also considered DOS/Unix conversions and junk characters, including spaces and returns, at the end of the file. There were no issues with either.

Thanks for the help.