Environment Canada Weather Icons

After a long frustrating process I’ve finished my first attempt at icons. Following is the new link for download & please send feedback on what you think of it. http://www.4shared.com/file/121530205/4 … anada.html

After uploading the file I noticed # 9, 11, & 48 had sun shining in the picture. It showed up on WW for the evening, which didn’t look right being as it was evening. So I replaced those three numbers with gif #1.
If you want to do this to, just go into the skins file double click on icons then click on Environment Canada & delete #'s 9, 11, & 48. Then click on #1, right click & choose copy. Then you will have to paste three times & them drag each one to replace the #'s deleted and right click again on each click rename and fill in the correct #.