Enable Auto Update setting doesn't...


This is a great program! I love it.

I do have a question though. I usually leave auto update unchecked. However, sometimes I like to turn it on and/or set it to a shorter update interval. When I check Enable Auto Update, it still does not automatically update. Am I doing something wrong?

This seems simple enough… if it is checked do update… if it is not checked, don’t do update. This feature doesn’t seem to work for me…

Thanks in advance…

Try changing the time interval, close the Options window, reopen the Options window, and set the time interval to the desired time.

I am confused? Are you saying i have to do it twice for it to take? If so, is this by design or a bug?

No. I am asking you to do it twice for the sake of testing to see if the settings will hold at that point.

Sorry about the confusion… I tried what you asked me to try and it still did not take the new setting. Any other ideas?

Thanks again…

Is it possible that the forecast is updating, but you don’t notice it?

If you leave the auto-update option enabled and walk away for a few hours, are the forecasts a few hours old when you return? Can you verifiy this (check the last option in the “On Download” section to help verify this)?

nope. I shut it off and it keeps updating. This feature is not working for me… Am I the only one who has this problem? Maybe it has something to do with my setup.

Try reinstalling it maybe?

I have reinstalled and is still the same.


If you check/uncheck enable auto updates on your computer, does it enable/disable them (without restarting WW)?

If so, can you change the update frequency and have it respond correctly (without restarting WW)?

I talked to a friend and he is having the same problems.

Is there anyone out there that this works correctly for? If so, please post your OS, version, and anything that may help us figure this out…



Did you get a chance to read my last post? I had not heard back from you so I didn’t know. I understand that you are very busy, I just wanted to be sure that you didn’t miss the post.


WWuser – Sorry, I didn’t see your last post in the Active Topics when I last checked.

I read over all of the above posts and it sounds like you are saying that Weather Watcher is automatically updating the weather regardless if you have the “Enable Auto Update” checkbox checked. Is this the case?

This feature works for me on Windows 98/2000/XP.


No, what I am saying is this:

WW starts and autoupdate is disabled. Autoupdates do not take place and everything works normally. Then I open WW settings and check “enable autoUpdates” and close the settings window and minimize WW. At this point autoupdates STILL do not happen.

If WW starts and auto updates are enabled, Autoupdates work fine. If I open WW settings and uncheck “enable autoupdates” and exit settings and minimize WW. Auto updates continue as though I did not change the settings.

I hope I made that a little clearer. Can you comment on whether this is what happens on your computers? I have a friend that is having the same problem.

Thanks again!!

Works fine for me. Updates when it is supposed to.
great software.


Did you miss my post again?

Thanks in advance…

Im having the auto-update problem as well. It never updates.
Ive only been using WW for a day so i will mess with the settings to see if it takes. BTW, i use a router if it matters.

I dont really understand why there is an option for “only download updates when connected to the internet”. If your not connected to the internet it is pretty hard to download anything. :slight_smile:

[i]Originally posted by NASCAR[/i] I dont really understand why there is an option for "only download updates when connected to the internet". If your not connected to the internet it is pretty hard to download anything. :)

I think that is so those of you who have it set to auto-dial if needed, don’t have it auto-dial.

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Just a friendly reminder to review this post again…

Thanks again

NASCAR – That option is for people who have their computers set to auto-dial to the Internet when a program calls for an Internet connection (thanks nybbles). So, yes, this is not used by most people.

WWuser – Sorry for the delay [:(] I have noticed that problem too… just last night. For now, restart Weather Watcher after changing the Auto Update Options and you should be OK.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

I tried restarting it and it takes after I shutdown and restart WW.

Could you change it so that after each update, it checks the autoupdate enabled and interval settings and adjusts for them? If so then GREAT, please let me know when it is done. If not, well it is your program! :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you would like, I would be happy to help you design the changes and code them. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks again…

WWuser – There will be a fix in the next release… coming up sometime soon.