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Just came to remember, that someone mentioned something about getting notifications on email when your topics get replies, or something like that - and i saw this when looking around in here:

Do you, Mike, suppose you’d set it up, or should I [and others, perhaps] just keep on not really caring - I’ve got a large enough life-lack to check in often enough to probably beat the emails…

But some might like it…

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I believe the newer versions of the forum software fix a lot of the bugs we’re seeing. It becomes a question of how much time do you want to spend on constantly tinkering with something you know won’t last vs how much time you will need to spend on upgrading to something you know will end the need for tinkering for awhile.

The age old question, do you pay me now or do you pay me later. [:D]

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Yeah it probably does, but the feature is in this version, currently running on singerscreations, and i would be amazed if an upgrade wouldn’t preserve the settings.
Looking through the snitz website I can’t see either, what it is you think should be paid for?

Anyways, it seems like it should be kinda straight forward to allow e-mail notification on some or all of the forum[s]…

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[i]Originally posted by Fl?gger[/i] Looking through the snitz website I can't see either, what it is you think should be paid for?
[:D] That's just an old, and apparently American, expression that means the solution to a problem is either now or later but it has to happen at some point. You either spend time now working on it or you spend time later working on it.

I’m not sure where the expression came from, maybe a cowboy, with a horse that had a loose shoe, talking to a blacksmith in the 1800s. Probably in a John Wayne movie. [:D]

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Hehe, well, I didn’t know the expression, but I understood the meaning… I didn’t mean to imply either that I actually looked through their whole site to see what you meant by paying, cuz most of that kinda things are free, somewhere…

I just thought that it might be one of the things to pay attention to [teehee, he said pay [:p]], since it looks like it’s pretty easily done…

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Well, I enabled the subscription option, but I don’t see it on the forum [:(] Perhaps something is broken…

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
Well, I enabled the subscription option, but I don't see it on the forum [:(] Perhaps something is broken...
Thanks for looking into it, Mike -- I'll see if I can access it somehow. That should be a big help in staying current with messages. [:)]


Edit: Nope – can’t find it…