Duplicate folders in Program Files (x86) & AppData>Roaming?

Curious as to why the HTML, LatestChanges, and Skin folders are in both Program Files (x86) and User>Appdata>Roaming. ?? Note that the 2 Skin folders are slightly different sizes.

Seems like a waste of SSD disk space to locate folders in 2 different areas. The Skins folders are 25-31 mbytes each.

Those files live in two places for these reasons:

  1. Many Windows users do not have permission to write to the Weather Watcher program folder. So, those files are copied to the “Roaming” folder – where the Windows user has full permissions.

  2. Some people are using Weather Watcher on multiple Windows users on the same computer. If those files only lived in one place, all Windows users would be operating against the same set of files. That wouldn’t be ideal since those users could have different options enabled in Weather Watcher.

If capturing that 25-31 MB is important to you, go ahead and delete the folders inside of the “Skins” folder that you don’t need. For example, if you’re only using the “Splendid4” skin, you can delete all of the other skin folders. You’ll need to do this each time you reinstall Weather Watcher.