Dual / Multiple * Monitor / Display SUPPORT ???

Since I’m new, and this is my first post, I’d like to take a moment to thank Mr. Singer for his excellent Weather Watcher creation, and let him know that this user appreciates what he is doing. It really has saved myself plenty of extra time and effort, while opening the door to greater atmospheric awareness.

I see in the latest release that there is “Dual Monitor” support mentioned, however, I am not certain as to what exactly this means in regard to Weather Watcher. Currently, I have many systems with multiple displays, and have located no new features or enhancement that allows control of wallpapers on the various displays for each computer.

We use Windows 2000, by choice, and I am aware that Win2k doesn’t naturally come with the ability to control multiple wallpapers over multiple displays without the help of a third party utility. Am I missing something? Is there multiple display support hidden somewhere? Is it only available in upcoming OS’es? What’s the deal? LOL

More information on this subject would be appreciated, when you can find the time.

Thanks in advance,


In the last release of Weather Watcher, the Weather Watcher windows would always load on the first monitor… no matter which montor they were last viewed on. The current Weather Watcher release will resolve that issue.

I am working on rebuilding the entire map feature to include multiple monitor support. I don’t want to go into too much detail at this point, but I can tell you that you’ll be able to drop numerous maps on multiple monitors. It’ll be very cool :icon_smile:

Wonderful App

My only suggestion is related to the dual or more monitors. My system is dual and I am testing your app running on dual monitors. It displays fine on both monitors. It would be great if one could choose to “only” display the app on one or the other monitor. Leaving the other monitor the default windows desktop. Though I dont have this next setup I could see it being fun. If one had 3 or more monitors, to have the app display different maps on each. That would be cool too.

Great Job, keep at the good work.

Re: Wonderful App

If you’re referring to the Wetaher Watcher wallpaper feature, then you’re in luck. I’m currently working on a new wallpaper feature for Weather Watcher Live that will allow you to drag resizable map images to any location on your desktop. That feature will eventually end up in Weather Watcher too.

Yes the wallpaper was what I was refering to.

The main desktop icons become for the most part invisible because of the wallpaper weather map being displayed. It would be awsome to be able to turn the wallpaper off for the main monitor and leave it on for the extended monitors. And as long as I have your ear to show different maps on multiple monitors too. :slight_smile: Keep up the excellent work.