Download Time

Currently, my forecast was observed at 9:00 and it was downloaded at 9:24 (I download every 30 minutes). It seems that the forecast is observed every hour, on the hour.

Between 9:00 and 9:24 my forecast was stale. It would be useful if I could instruct WW to download the forecast just after the hour (e.g. 2 minutes after the hour, refreshed every 60 minutes). I would only need to download the forecast hourly, but it would always be up to date.

I’d like to support this request. Actually, unfortunately, it’s impossible to perform update at fixed time. Definition, for instance, ‘every 30 minutes’, causes data to be updated not every 1800 seconds, as expected. Instead weather data is updated, for instance, every 1872 seconds. Therefore defining update at 8:32 gives next updates at 8:33, …, 20:54 maybe. I suggest to make autoupdates start not after some interval but at strictly defined and fixed times.


Part of this is semantics.

If one were to set WW to update at 10:05 and desire it to update every 60 minutes there after WW should be able to compute update times of 11:05, 12:05, 13:05 and etc. rather than having the end user enter each of the desired times and without WW actually counting 60 mins between updates.

Here’s an idea I don’t think anyone’s put forth yet: WW can read the last time the forcast was observed right? How about having WW schedule it’s next download based on the last observed time? Such as:

Next dowload time = <LastObserved> + XX minutes

…where XX could be set accordingly based on how often updates for your zone. i.e. 65 minutes for once an hour, 25 minutes for once every 20 minutes, and so on.

Also, if the computed download time has passed (boot time) or the last update was unsuccessful or there isn’t a “last observed time” (changed active city) the update would happen every minute until sucessful (as long as you are connected to the Internet) much as it does now.