Download method

Since one download method doesn’t seem to work for ALL, would it be practical to include both download methods and let the user choose in the options which to use?

The 5.6.16 download method works for everyone, which is why I reverted back to it. Multiple downloads methods will probably be my only option if I choose to go back to the 5.6.15 downlaod method.

Okay, I guess the question is why did you develop the method used by 5.6.15 if the previous method wasn’t broken or unreliable for some situations? What is “more stable” about 5.6.15?

Hunz, the new download method was more stable (less hoops to jump through in the code) and used less code to get the job done. I guess I was just trying to be as efficient as possible :icon_smile:

Thanks, I was curious what was the reason for the change. I really do understand; it’s impossible to fully test for all possible issues. There’s only so much you can test on your own and through users on the board. Sooner or later you have to release it into the wild to see if it thrives or dies.

I like “less code” :thumbright: and I certainly support “as efficient as possible”. :cheers:

To not loose what you created why not make it an option but not the default option. You could have it as an option only available via an exec parm thus not confusing someone using the Options menu.

Older/Original Method Interferes with Active Desktop

I’ve been using WW for a few months, but only recently began using the wall paper features. The 5.6.15 version downloads wallpaper updates in harmony with my other active desktop item (an animated local radar.)

The 5.6.16 version downloads wall papers fine, but seems to interfere with the other active desktop item. Even when I force an update to active desktop, by clearing my IE cache, re-synchronizing AD from the desktop context menu… Then I still have to click the context menu again, and choose refresh (desktop) in order to get the active desktop item to update and display.

I prefered the 5.6.15 download method.