Double click goes to Weatherbug site.

When I double click to open WWL it takes me to WB site for alerts. This happens when I single, double, left, and right click. I have an active alert for my area, but I’m not interested in that.

secman, you can customize the tray icon click settings in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

I can’t. Somehow my clicking options were changed when I installed the new version of WWL. Any click, be it left, right, single or double takes me to the WB site. My original setting was double left click opens WWL.

I double checked in my options.
Left Single Click Action --> No Action
Left Double Click Action --> Open WWL

What happens if you choose “Open Weather Watcher” from the tray menu?

I don’t get the tray menu. I have to open WWL via the start button. Any click I do on the tray icon takes me to the WB weather alert site. This started when my area had a weather alert.

secman, give the following Weather Watcher Live build a try:

I experienced this same behavior in WWL no matter if I used build 0.0.32, 0.0.33 or 0.0.34. If there is ever a Weather Alert issued, after that I lost the tray icon’s menu and any type of mouse click - left or right, single or double - opened an Internet Explorer 7 window to the WeatherBug alert website. It didn’t matter what settings I had in Options for which mouse button opened whatever. I had to stop the WWL service in the Windows Task Manager just to be able to close WWL. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling each of the WWL releases, cleaning out my registry after each uninstall, but all acted the same in this regard. If it makes any difference, I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. Although I like the look and new features of WWL, I finally had to revert back to Weather Watcher v5.6.26 to get reliable weather. I’ll be awaiting the final release of WWL.